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5 Best Places To See Stars in Hollywood

Some people go to Hollywood for the sunshine. Some go for the nightlife. And some–like me–go so they can just see a famous person already. Is that so bad? Below, you’ll find five spots where it’s possible your Us Weekly might just come to life.

1. Chateau Marmont: The ultimate Hollywood hideout, this French-style hotel has seen its share of famous residents—many of whom (like Lindsay Lohan) even called it home.

2. Urth Cafe: Want to spot an Olsen twin? This organic eatery is right up your alley. And even if you don’t see a famous face, you’re guaranteed a great cookie.

3. Fred Segal: If you want to see fancy people, you’ve got to head to a fancy store. This upmarket clothing retailer on Melrose has a roster of famous clients; just try not seeing one.

4. Equinox Fitness Club: Best excuse to work out while you’re on vacation? The chance that you might spot Britney Spears at this swanky gym.  But make sure it’s her you’re listening to on the iPod when you hit that treadmill!

5. Kitson: Paparazzi regularly swarm this trendy boutique, home to chic labels and an even chicer clientele. Trying to spot an MTV starlet? Chances are she’s here.

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While not exactly a “fancy person,” I once saw Bob Saget in the Fred Segal in Santa Monica back when I was living in L.A (and yes, I admit it — the only reason I stepped in was to see if I could see a celebrity). I overheard him tell his kid to “pick out anything in the store,” which seemed like a pretty risky proposition, but I guess being a “Full House” dad paid off.

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